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Emergency response COVID Grants


As schools and local businesses close and communities are engaged in “Stay at Home” practices, nonprofit organizations continue to aid populations in need during this unprecedented time. Many nonprofits are forced to evolve their service delivery mechanisms, but cannot slow down or stop operations. The opposite is quite true!

Funding is needed more than ever for agencies to move forward. They must replace regular revenue streams, switch to remote operations, establish staff and client health and safety protocols, engage in virtual support programs and services, and effectively respond to an increased demand for their vital programming.

Foundations across the country have responded to these unique situations. They are offering special grant funding opportunities to support nonprofits impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In times such as we are living through right now, it is imperative we support one another and remember the vital resources nonprofits continue to provide in our communities. 

No charge to your Non-Profit for COVID-19 Grant

During this unprecedented time, we understand the challenges that all non-profits are experiencing.  In an effort to help, we would like to assist your organization by providing our research time and one grant proposal submission at no charge.

Contact Jean Majercin for information regarding special funding options available for your nonprofit today.

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