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Emergency response COVID Grants


Over $50,000 in Emergeny Grants Awarded in 2020

As schools and local businesses close and communities engage in “Stay at Home” practices, nonprofit organizations continue to aid populations in need during this unprecedented time. Many nonprofits are forced to evolve their service delivery mechanisms, but cannot slow down or stop operations. The opposite is quite true!

Funding is needed more than ever for agencies to move forward. They must replace regular revenue streams, switch to remote operations, establish staff and client health and safety protocols, engage in virtual support programs and services, and effectively respond to an increased demand for their vital programming.

Foundations across the country responded to these unique situations. They now offer special grant fund opportunities, supporting nonprofits impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. At this time, it is imperative we support one another and remember the vital resources nonprofits continue to provide in our communities. 

No charge to your Non-Profit for COVID-19 Grant

During this unprecedented time, we understand the challenges that all non-profits are experiencing.  In an effort to help, we will assist your organization by providing our research time and one grant proposal submission at no charge.

Contact Jean Majercin for information regarding special funding options available for your nonprofit today.

Results - Bremerton Backback Brigade

Covid grant Funding Bremerton Backpack Jean Majercin Grant Writing

The Bremerton Backback Brigade provides supplemental food sources on weekends for children in need throughout the Bremerton Elementary School District.  After connecting with Jean, the Brigade secured much needed funds from two regional foundations.

Jean Majercin’s grant writing excellence has been a true asset to the work of the Bremerton Backpack Brigade.  Her comprehensive research to understand the workings and mission of the Brigade and her experienced writing style to relay that information to potential grant sources, are impressive,” said Myra Batttin, Executive Director.  For the Brigade, a small non profit, (Jean) even took the extra steps of finding for us other grant opportunities we were not aware of and likely would have missed had it not been for her guidance.”

While you’re here, please consider donating to or volunteering with this great organization. 

Contact Jean Majercin for information regarding special funding options available for your nonprofit today.

Results - North County Food Bank

A strong group of volunteers around Wheeler, Oregon and its surrounding communities keep the North County Food Bank up and running.  They provide food, clothing and informational assistance to those in need on the northern Oregon coast. 

Jean connected with Mark Roberts, the food banks treasurer, in the early summer of 2020 as the impact of COVID-19 was at its height. She learned of their immediate needs as well as their long term plans to for a brand new facility to replace their current building which is undersized and in need of extensive repairs.

“Working with Jeannie Majercin has been a delight”, said Miller, “Jeannie knows her ‘stuff’ – such that she independently researches and prepares much of the necessary paperwork (there is always LOTS). She knows when and to what degree when to get added information and engagement from the nonprofit.  AND, it all comes together and works!  We have received generous support from applications that Jeannie originated.”

While you’re here, please consider donating to the North County Food Bank in Wheeler, Oregon. 

Contact Jean Majercin for information regarding special funding options available for your nonprofit today.

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